The code of success = codeboc

Inspired by living in Palau, travel, scuba diving, food & wine
being dutch & dutchdesign

We design, devellop, create, construct & prepare.
Made in Palau with love passion and flair.

Jellyfish lake, photograph by Richard W Brooks - Koror -Palau

click here for more of his work.

Destination marketing & tourist targeting & global lifestyle

Apps for travelers and the tourist industry

Successful code is code that’s being read by the targed audience.

Codeboc services focus on concepts &’s & apps, Tourists & travelling,Hospitality & culinary.
At codeboc we do what we love and we create what we want.

The web / app provider that speaks human instead of tech

Hybrid iOS / Android Apps

Mobile applications / hybrid apps have become the industry standard for accessing information online. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to use mobile apps to connect with their clients. At codeboc, we specialise in developing native/ hybrid apps.In most instances, mobile apps are faster than traditional online web browsing. Having an app for your business can provide your business with a marketing edge that you competitors may not have. Unlike traditional websites, mobile apps allow for fast and direct communication with your potential clients.

SEO, search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation, is a serious part of web- appdesign. SEO is the most underestimated / forgotten part of web / app design. While It can elivate your bussines to the next level. Codeboc takes SEO serious and do the basics for our customers and explain how they can achieve the best results with just some basic knowledge and commen sense. Don’t let it be a second thought or band-aid on the wound, it could help you generate that extra income for the trip you always wanted.

Our hospitality roots could help you creating your exclusive app solution

Our tech roots started with a restautant guide in the Netherlands and Belgium , 15 years ago.
We understand the hospitality language because our founder has 25+ years of hospitality experience and because its in his blood…. occasionally he still takes on start ups.

This website is always changing and evolving.

We always work on the next, if you think you have a great idea.. shoot us an e-mail.

Antismoking campaign

Codeboc is creating the graphics for the national anti smoking campaign, and we are proud of it.
We can’t wait to see the results on the packages.
if it helps? let hope so...

The code of concepts

Codeboc is an experiment where we go with the flow /
Creative minds creating creative things.

Some of the concepts or designs we make simply end up in a cabinet in our office. Others are seen by thousands of people around the world.

Our goal is to have fun create concepts & design products , website’s, apps, dishes, houses, guesthouses etc.

Follow us online and you soon figure out what we are all about… yes we are different because we believe normal is boring.


Lightningstrike productions trusted codeboc to design and create the new homepage, it’s a privelidge to work with the work of artist: Richard W Brooks

Code is like DNA, small differences can lead to major changes.

Snow monkey’s by Marcel Hetteling- yamanouchi - Japan


The place on the planet where you want to be shipwrecked.


Everything dutch + the dutch explained

Food stories, links & recipes.

The amaizing world of food


Travel makes you a more complete person.

Sunset - Palau by marcel Hetteling

We experiment with new tech solutions, so you don’t have to…

Normal = boring
We think outside the box.

Our mascot is an alien with a dive mask jumping out a box….making the ok sign.It's our mascotte, he pop us in certain places with or without any reason. We love him and just know if you see this cute & cudly alien it has something todo with us. His name: Co de Boc ;)